The 4 members of Spanish Prisoners found each other in the winter of 2009, when the streets of Bushwick were covered with grey, fading snow. Songwriter Leo Maymind had just begun working at the largest nightclub in New York City; squeezing through crowds of thousands of drunken revelers that were caught in a breathless pursuit of everything wrapped in nothing, going down in celluloid history. He began scribbling down things he overheard in dark corners, fragments of personal violence from characters filled with self-doubt + nostalgia. During the empty 4AM subway rides he took to his apartment, he stock-piled musical ideas, putting the pieces together like some long-lost cosmic puzzle with no map or guide.

As winter slid away, Maymind + his bandmates- keyboardist/vocalist Amberly Hungerford, drummer/songwriter Mike DiSanto, & multi-instrumentalist James Higgs- slowly molded these initial fragments of home recordings into layered, fluid headphone symphonies that emphasized the raw randomness in electronic sound.

Though the songs on the album take twists & turns, follow detours & back alleys, get lost & return suddenly, the album remains a captivating listen-a soundtrack to this directionless fishbowl of thick superficial infinite. Gold Fools is a journey into a world of hypnotic, kaleidoscopic dream pop that you didn’t know you needed to take. Now, the path is clear.

Download Gold Fools at a ‘pay what you want’ price over on Bandcamp.

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