Glyph is a new label for electronic music founded by Matt Sweeney, Michael Mercer (who met doing their day jobs at Domino Records), + James Cator, a DJ based at Eagle Rock.

Following a string of signings the label will fully launch by the end of this month with a run of singles + EPs from some of the freshest production talent from around the world, taking in everything from blissful ambience to dubstep infused electronica & beyond.

Glyph’s first release is “Morning Mountain” from Simon Schilling aka Essáy. A young producer from rural Germany that’s already causing a stir. His richly textured compositions have won the hearts of many who have come across him + his unofficial remix of “Shelter” by Birdy was played on Soundcloud over 30,000 times in just 48 hours.


“Deceptive” ϟ download

Birdy // Shelter (Essáy’s Tearful Edit) ϟ download

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