Rusko’s highly anticipated new album Songs was released just last week via Mad Decent & planted itself firmly at #1 on the iTunes Electronic chart in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Ireland + Holland! He’s about to kick off a Spring US Tour in celebration & is giving fans a chance to be in the video for “Skanker”, which he has made available for free download (below).

Before you guys make the video, Rusko has a question for you, “Are you a dubstep skanker?” We’ve all seen that “move” before, but what exactly is it? You’re at a dubstep show & take a look around to see one guy flailing his arms recklessly through the air, another person headbanging so hard they could break a 2x4, & then of course…the open armed wing flap. Rusko is giving everyone the chance to embrace their inner-“Skanker” & let their own interpretation of that feeling when you hear dubstep be shown to the world.

Watch a video demonstration featuring A-trak & Diplo HERE. Fans have 2 ways to enter, they can print the mask & be filmed or film themselves wearing it at one of the upcoming Spring tour dates or they can film themselves with the mask anywhere & upload to YouTube. The full instructions are at: The winning submissions will be chosen at the end of the spring tour & placed in the official “SKANKER” video.

“Skanker” ϟ download

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