Don Diablo has been absent on Welikeitindie for a couple of months now, but that’s only because he was touring through Asia & working on his new sounds. He recently moved to London & has been locked inside the studio like a madman.

His 1st tease of what’s to come is “Silent Shadows”. On this new track, Don collaborated with the dudes from Noisia & came up with the lyrical concept with Swedish vocal talent, Mirou. The Silent Shadows EP, is out now on iTunes featuring remixes by Mind Vortex, Qulinez, Keljet & Preditah. He also tipped LA based music video director Alistair Legrand, to come up with a cheeky/bloody video, check it out HERE.

To keep the good old Don Diablo tradition, he wants you to have a couple of freebies. He’s releasing 2 different versions of “Silent Shadows” for free. A ‘Drive-by Disco Mix’ dedicated to the dirty electro-heads & a remix featuring Smiler, one of London’s hottest MCs.

“Silent Shadows (remix feat. Smiler)” ϟ download

“Silent Shadows (Drive-by Disco Mix)” ϟ download

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