San Francisco’s Charlie Yin, also known as Giraffage, sculpts sound with sonic malice + diversity. Like a possessed DJ having fun with samples in an experimental lab, the 21-year old multi-instrumentalist knows no boundaries. Collaborating with 16 year-old producer XXYYXX, the track puts hip-hop & jazz through the blender & demonstrates a certain expertise, that didn’t escape Kitsuné founder Gildas Loaëc, as the track is featured on the forthcoming compilation Kitsuné America. As an introduction to the SF based beat-smith Audyssey & Your Truly have come together to feature Yin on The Neighborhood Series. Throughout the video Yin takes viewers on a tour through his stomping grounds & explains the pluses + minuses of his location as well as what makes him tick when he’s producing.

As Kitsuné continues their journey over to the US - their 1st ever NYC store opened last month - it seemed fitting that one of the brighest stars on the Kitsuné America compilation expanded into his own EP. Out next week on the 15th, the EP features remixes by Teen Daze, Slow Magic, Reid, & The One AM Radio.

“Even Though (Teen Daze Remix)” ϟ download [right click + save]

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