Much like the Wonder Twins or Voltron, good things only get better when you bring them together. Over the past few months, Мишка has been slowly but steadily dropping tracks + videos from the highly anticipated album Toothy Wavy, & its finally here.

Toothy Wavy is a collaborative project between Machina Muerte head Isaiah Toothtaker, incarcerated rapper Max B, & production duo The Hood Internet. Toothy Wavy brings together all three artists’ unique styles, ending up with something you’ve never quite heard before.

Toothtaker, in addition to rapping on the tracks & providing hooks, also helmed most of the videos (of which there was one for each track), while The Hood Internet handled all of the beats, and Max B recorded his verses through the prison phone line.

Download the release for free at Bandcamp.

“Been Told”

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