When Saints Go Machine’s new single, “Mannequin,” the 1st song from the set that will form their 2nd album, doesn’t exactly strip the Danish 4-piece’s sound back to bare bones, rather it dials it down to something more subtle and more intimate. “It wasn’t something we talked about,” says Nikolaj Manuel Vonsild, the band’s frontman. “Maybe it has something to do with our last album being received as it was. When you experience people singing along and taking your songs personally you loosen up and feel like giving a little more back to people. That’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot. That you can be a bit more open, that it doesn’t always have to be hard to decipher.”

If “Mannequin” is the start of a new direction for When Saints Go Machine, Vonsild isn’t 100% sure exactly what direction it is. “Some stuff is simpler. There are a lot less elements in some of the new material than the older songs. But still keeping the same kind of universe - strong feelings and a atmosphere that communicates emotions we all share. One thing I know is that we all agree it has to feel like an album and not just a collection of songs.” Any way you work it, it’s an electrifying prospect.

Earlier this year, When Saints Go Machine remixed Planningtorock’s “Living It Out.” This time around the two artists switch duties, with Planningtorock providing an anthemic, string-laden take on “Mannequin”. Grab it below & get the original on iTunes.

Mannequin (Planningtorock remix) // download

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