Asheville-based producer & instrumentalist Marley Carroll has stepped up significantly for his latest release “R&S”/”Cedars”. Between tours with forward-thinking producers (Shigeto, Dabrye + Emancipator) & notable festival appearances (Decibel, Moogfest, Coachella) he has been honing his thoughtful style of propulsive electronic music in quiet reflection behind the boards. The sound of the release lines up well with his onstage performances, exercises in understated talent that mix live vocals with stunning & unorthodox turntablist skills, all over a bed of melancholy electronica.

“R&S” is a brooding, cavernous post-dubstep affair. Slinking sub-bass synths lays the groundwork, peppered with handclaps, woodblocks, 808 toms, and a detuned Rhodes, while disembodied vocal samples pop in and out of focus. The track evokes a late-night ride home from the club, or a solitary reflection on relationships past.

“Water Drumming” continues to explore Carroll’s organic uptempo horizons. Supported by a thick bed of water field recordings & held together by a solid central snare, the track forges ahead with the weight of a moving train. Rhythmically intricate 808 kicks, toms, rim shots, snares playfully revolve around each other as a hazy synth chords hover in the back.

On the flip, “Cedars” continues Carroll’s exploration of organic minimal house, a descendant of his late-2011 single “Our Chimes”/”Our Piano”. An electric piano opens up into shuffling hi-hats, tambourines, handclaps, vocal chops, synth sweeps, + a bouncing muted bassline that ties everything together.

“R&S”/”Cedars” is offered as a pay-what-you-can download on Marley Carroll’s Bandcamp.

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