Massacooramaan (aka Dave Quam) rose to international attention through his music writing & photography, which was some of the first to thoroughly document the then underground juke and footwork artists from his adopted home, Chicago. Recently, after years in Chicago he relocated to Oregon where he shifted his focus to the studio and began to create his first body of work, which has grown to become his debut EP, Dead Long Time.

With a contempt for rhythmic regularity and an encyclopedic sample library, Massacooramaan reinterprets juke, reggaeton, and other styles from various corners of the earth into his own twitching and brutal sound. The extended player is out now via Kingdom’s Fade to Mind label featuring 6 original tracks.

Inspired by Massacooramaan’s catalog of obscure sample packs, & obsessive knowledge of exotic YouTube rips, Kingdom has created the album art for FADE004: a molten ball of club flyers & encrypted data punctured by protruding knives and swords.

Dead Long Time (NGUZUNGUZU remix) // download

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