NY Dream Pop darlings Noosa have a brand new single called “Heartache.” But don’t worry, It’s way more fun than it’s title would imply. It smacks like bubblegum & shines like a blinking fluorescent over your lost love. It’s like if you broke up with someone & then threw a dance party to celebrate how awesome they really are. It’s the opposite of laughing so hard that you cry.

“Heartache” is available now on iTunes but you can grab it for free below. Also, Sky Barbarick, 1/2 of Noosa filled out the “can you recommend” game. See her answers after the jump.

Heartache /. download

    Can you recommend…

    … someone new?
    Cruiser-no idea how i found this guy but i cant stop listening to Andy State’s new EP!


    … someone old?
    (if were talking not from the past year) Angus and Julia Stone..brother and sister folk duo from Australia

    … a website?
    i’m addicted to foodgawker.com

    … a film?
    lately i’ve been into 50s and 60s beach movies…Last Summer is a strange one that i saw recently…

    … a book?
    ‘Imagine - How Creativity Works,’ by Jonah Lehrer, or any Ani Phyo raw food book!

    … a game?
    i’m a huge boardgame nerd…. Apples to apples, Scattergories, and Pictionary (def cant pick just one)

    … something to do on a day off?
    beach always! surfing and sunning!

    … something fun to do in New York?
    Montauk in the summer! There’s much more to New York than just the city :)

    … a song everyone should hear?

    … something American?
    apple pie..thats the good stuff

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