You might not have heard of Adam “Flinch” Glassco, but he’s certainly not a dance music rookie. Since the early 2000 Flinch’s trademark hot ‘n’ heavy bass music has been stirring up some noise on the LA dance scene. Cheered on by heavyhitters like Busy P, Drop the Lime, Kissy Sell out, AC Slater, Designer Drugs, Skream & Plastician, his badman tunes are always melodic hard-hitting + full of the sickest bass money can’t buy. Mixing dubstep, house, indie rock + jungle he pairs careful grit & distortion with catchy songwriting. Add some surprising twists & turns to that and you’ve got a completely fresh crop of irresistible tunes.

Download his latest 5-track EP, Underwater, for free courtesy of Scion A/V.

Underwater (Bare Remix) /. download

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