Sumera is a electronic pop artist based in Amsterdam. Last year, she alternated between Amsterdam, Berlin + London in order to evolve & develop her own sound, a clever mix of pop + dark synths.

During these travels, Sumera developed, co-wrote (with producer Rutger Hoedemaekers) & recorded her debut EP, Stop Heart, which she describes as "a vivid musical concept about the dark side of love".

Stop Heart is available now on iTunes + you can fully stream the 5 tracks on Soundcloud. Sumera is currently working on her 2nd EP, which is due later this year. She’s also planning on releasing some remixes in the meantime. I have the pleasure to share the 1st one to be released by Dutch producer, RipTidE.

When asked why she hand-picked RipTidE, Sumera said: "The idea was to work with people that I admire and that are currently paving the way for their own careers as well, like I am.

Riptide has a very own and crisp sound, which I love! I have been following him for a while now, and he always has a way of making remixes his own. I was very curious to see what twist he could give my song, as Bright Lies is a very produced and set song/sound. I am very happy that he was willing to do it…And I love what he did!”

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