Ross Tones aka Throwing Snow launches his own new label with the Clamor EP. Across 3 tracks + one remix from Gold Panda, the release continues to explore the simultaneously frosty yet comforting sonic landscapes that have won him plenty of plaudits (including the likes of Giles Peterson & Thom Yorke) since first emerging in 2010.

As for the new label itself, Snowfall will be something solely curated by Ross; something free from the usual A&R constraints of working for other labels. It will be tied together only by his unique tastes, meaning anything goes from noise to techno to juke to bass to way beyond all of the above. Furthermore, the label will also offer more than just music, be it different release formats, clothes lines + more.

The inaugural EP, Clamor (a Latin word meaning ‘loud outcry’ or ‘shout’) sees Ross travel yet further outside his usual sphere without straying too far from his trademark textures, drawing on rock-like arrangements whilst at the same time fusing elements of electronica at all available opportunities.

The title track sounds set in some huge open church for the way it echoes & resonates with an untold spirituality. A clatter of tumbling drums bring darkness down below whilst glissando keys & brutish percussion bring a delightfully staccato rhythm up top. “Perca” is alive with busy strings & mutant voices, underlapping claps & plenty of texture adding found sounds: challenging & complex music, it still somehow manages to strike a very human chord.

“Brook” meanwhile, glistens like water at the seaside; plucked strings and muffled voices lurk in the shadows & the whole thing sounds like Shlohmo & Fly Lo taking a beach holiday in the Caribbean. Closing out the EP is Gold Panda returning a remix favour & strips back “Brook” to a lurching, syncopated & lo-fi hip-house groove that rings out into the night.

Not only another great EP from Throwing Snow, but this release also likely marks the start of something great in Snowfall…

Brook (Gold Panda remix)

Le Cœur // download

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