With Bare comes an assurance: perpetual uncertainty. Using an unorthodox fashion of production, Bare utilizes keen samples while also integrating heavy amounts of head throbbing bass in order to create what the dubstep world would label: a banger. However, Bare does not stop there. A true showman must not only be confident in his product, but also on how it is presented. With an emphasis on mob mentality with a hint of chaos, Bare gets the crowd going by showcasing his plethora of DJ skills & tricks that he accumulated throughout his career. Bare’s affinity for climatic buildups followed by heavy bass drops has not only captured the attention of many dubstep fans alike, but also his peers. Legendary dub names such as Excision + Borgore have used Bare’s undeniable “bangers” in their playlists & live sets. A force to be reckoned with, Bare has progressively moved up the ranks in the dubstep world & has cemented his place in the upper echelon of DJ’s worldwide.

Today, Scion A/V releases Bare’s newest EP, Altitude, 5 exquisite + electrifying bangers. Stream all the tracks below & get your free digital copy now over at scionav.com.


“Heavyweight feat. Proe

“Audio Overdose” feat. Caly

“Brometheus” feat. Messinian

Beauty & the Beast

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