Vice’s music channel, Noisey, followed OFWGKTA around NYC for an entire calendar day. The adventure is split into two videos. On part 1, the crew heckles tourists in Times Square, meets fans + crying girls, shows love at a photo show, & of course, skate. On the 2nd part, the gang freestyle at a photo shoot with Terry Richardson, Frank Ocean seduces Terminal 5, & the boys go totally buck at a Trash Talk show. Watch both segments below. Produced & directed by Lance Bangs.

Also, next month the troublemakers will embark on the Camp Flog Gnaw National Tour. The tour starts in Norfolk, VA & closes in Los Angeles at the 1st ever Odd Future Carnival. The carnival is set to feature rides, games, a performance by Odd Future and very special guests. Confirmed cities after the vids.

    Camp Flog Gnaw National Tour

    08.31 Norfolk, VA
    09.01 Philadelphia, PA
    09.02 Baltimore, MD
    09.04 Huntington, NY
    09.05 Portland, ME
    09.07 Providence, RI
    09.08 Wallingford, CT
    09.09 Buffalo, NY
    09.11 Cleveland, OH
    09.12 Columbus, OH
    09.14 Saint Louis, MO
    09.15 Milwaukee, WI
    09.16 Chicago, IL
    09.18 Columbia, MO
    09.19 Lawrence, KS
    09.21 Boulder, CO
    09.22 Boulder, CO
    09.25 Vancouver, BC
    09.26 Portland, OR
    09.28 Santa Cruz, CA
    09.29 Ventura, CA
    09.30 Los Angeles, CA

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