UK-based alt-J (△) has collaborated with My Morning Jacket frontman, Jim James, on the latest remix of the band’s single “Fitzpleasure” off their debut album, An Awesome Wave, out September 18 in the U.S. via Canvasback. James told SPIN in an interview last month, "I saw [alt-J] play in Germany at one of the festivals we played. When I saw them, it kind of gave me this good, foreboding feeling. It was like seeing one of the great bands very young."

When it comes to Jim James’ remixes, SPIN noted, "James treats tracks like chemistry, seeing what sound reacts best with what." And he did just that on the new alt-J remix. Rearranged parts are slowed down & sped up, while organ is blended into the mix here, & guitar tremolos there, all to a syncopated backbeat. James’ harmony-laced remix breathes new life into “Fitzpleasure” while staying true to alt-J’s unique sound.

Fitzpleasure (jim james apple C remix) // download

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