Blackbird Blackbird shows off his pop sensibilities in “All”, thick with echoing guitar plucks + soothing, lightly-treated vocals. Chiming synths & fluttering clicks splash color on top of a melancholic tone. Clean four-to-the-floor beats & a lovely synth lead dissipate into dreamlike samples of incomprehensible speech & smooth, lapping waves. Distal remixes Blackbird Blackbirdʼs “Keep It Up” into a dark, barreling techno track. Blackbirdʼs crooning vocals stab into the rolling kick drum, complete with frenetic bubbling effects. The beat is broken up with touches of two-step futurism and at the very end, a playful flute appears to brighten the fade out.

The pair is available now on iTunes. Stream away below.

All // buy

Keep It Up (Distal Remix) // buy

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