To advance the forthcoming album, Synthesized (out 11.27 via Nettwerk), Junkie XL is giving away the Kurd Maverick Dub mix of “Gloria” featuring Fredrik of Datarock.

Gloria (Kurd Maverick Dub mix) // download

Synthesized sees Junkie XL chilling out with beautiful, lysergic lullabies such as “The Art of Luxurious Intergalactic Time Travel” + “Take Off On Molly’s E.” The album also features performances by Curt Smith (Tears for Fears) on “When Enough Is Not Enough,” Tommie Sunshine on “Love Machine” & Isis Salam (Chinese Flash Mob, formerly of Thunderheist) on “Off The Dancefloor,” as well as spoken word by Timothy Leary on “Leave Behind Your Ego,” with a rare excerpt from “The Psychedelic Experience: Going Out.” On each track you’ll not only find Junkie XL helming electronics, but playing bass, guitar &/or drums himself.

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