Me & My Drummer are on a roll. This year out of nothing they emerged as a constant & seriously taken name, that transmits more & more far-reaching signals through the world. Shortly before the international release of their debut album The Hawk, The Beak, The Prey they could thrill London-based music/film/art/anything & everything collective Breton with their consequent draft of well-measured, arty dream pop. So they found further admirer & brothers in spirit.

Those have no need of any words. Breton are in everyone’s lips with their highly praised debut album Other People’s Problems. + they are constantly on the move. & somewhere between touring through the US & Europe they found the time: to uncover the cool aloofness of the original “Phobia” & pour it into the distinctive, crude & bristly Breton’esk soundscape. The very appealing result is free of charge below.

Phobia (bretonLABS Remix) // download


Don’t Be So Hot (La Boum Fatale’s Euphobia remix) // download

    Me & My Drummer’s upcoming live dates:

    25.10. UK - London, Hoxton Square bar & kitchen /// Record release show
    26.10. FR - Paris, Mama Festival
    31.10. IS - Reykjavik, Downtown Hostel
    01.11. IS - Reykjavik, Munnharpan / Harpa
    02.11. IS - Reykjavik, Harpa Silfurberg, Iceland Airwaves Festival
    10.11. DE - Erfurt, Franz Mehlhose
    12.11. DE - Potsdam, Waschhaus
    13.11. DE - Bremen, Lagerhaus
    28.11. SK - Bratislava, KC Dunaj
    29.11. HU - Budapest, Toldi Klub
    30.11. AT - Salzburg, Arge / Roter Salon
    01.12. DE - Munich, ON3 Festival
    04.12. DE - Stuttgart, Schocken
    05.12. DE - Dresden, Beatpol
    14.12. BE - Gent, Trefpunt, Glimps Festival

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