Brodinski & Manu Barron’s Bromance Records, have quickly gained an excellent reputation for unearthing & nurturing exceptional new talent. After their 1st track released on Bromance #3 in June 2011, Club Cheval are pleased to release their new single, “Decisions”.

Juvenile yet mature, erudite but fun-loving, Canblaster, Sam Tiba, Myd + Panteros666 represent ‘Club Cheval’. They started making music together around 2009, when a schoolmate of Panteros’ (Sam Tiba) joined the crew, adding a different touch to the soundscape due to his Jamaican/Black American music background.

With Club Cheval, you never really know where you’ve landed, yet you feel at home amongst these guys who speak an unknown, tasty language which goes through the curvey, bass-heavy swing of London carnival music, a hectic cabaret mixing style, washes of melodic sweetness coming from Detroit via Tokyo, IDM’s flamboyant nerdism and many other micro-worlds of music.

“Decisions” & b-side “Vanilla Girl”, are out now on iTunes. Watch the brand new video below & check if the guys will be playing near you on any of the upcoming Bromance tour dates around Europe, Australia & Asia.

    Upcoming Bromance tour dates:

    09.11 Koko - London, UK with Brodinski, Gesaffelstein, Club Cheval & Monsieur Monsieur
    10.11 Magazine Club - Lille, FR with Brodinski, Club Cheval & Monsieur Monsieur
    17.11 Rockstore - Montpellier, FR with Brodinski, Louisahhh & Monsieur Monsieur
    22.11 Volar - Hong Kong, HK with Brodinski & Gesaffelstein
    24.11 Stereosonic - Sydney, AU with Brodinski, Gesaffelstein & Club Cheval
    25.11 Stereosonic - Perth, AU with Brodinski & Gesaffelstein
    01.12 Stereosonic - Melbourne, AU with Brodinski, Gesaffelstein & Club Cheval
    02.12 Stereosonic - Brisbane, AU with Brodinski & Gesaffelstein
    06.12 Ibiza Club - Shangai, CH with Brodinski & Gesaffelstein
    07.12 Warehouse Project - Jakarta, ID with Brodinski & Gesaffelstein
    08.12 Thirst - Kuala Lumpur, MY with Brodinski & Gesaffelstein
    21.12 Loft/Lolita at Razzmatazz - Barcelona. SP with Brodinski, Gesaffelstein & Club Cheval
    22.12 Case à Choc, Neuchâtel, CH with Brodinski & Monsieur Monsieur
    29.12 Gretchen - Berlin, DE with Brodinski & Monsieur Monsieur

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