After dominating the Hype Machine charts this month with both the #1 remix + #1 popular song this week with his lush remix of Adventure Club’s “Need Your Heart”, Minnesota isn’t quieting down anytime soon.

Before Christian Bauhofer takes the stage, it’s difficult to believe that he assumes a nightly party-crushing alter ego of a DJ & producer Minnesota. With a huge grin + relaxed, friendly demeanor, the whole civilian-to-DJ process is comparable to Peter Parker-to-Spiderman in drama factor. While on his nationwide Altered States Tour this season, the fun-loving red-headed producer spins soaring synths + whomping electronic, bass-fueled tracks with ease alongside hip-hop duo Zion I, who Minnesota has collaborated with on his recent single “Float”. With such a heavy hip-hop influence, it’s no wonder Minnesota’s new 5-song Altered States EP, marks his foray into the world of progressive electronic music with a trap + hip-hop swerve.

With hip-hop album collaborations Zion I + G. Jones, this album is heavily dosed with trap rhythms & beats, only with the BPMs revved up on 7 cans of Red Bull. The tracks are built on big, funky beats, slowed-down vocal samples + pulsing, ethereal synths that make this the ideal playlist for a late-night trip. Minnesota comments,"This EP is more dancefloor-oriented than on my last release." Currently testing the new songs while on tour, he says, "It’s great playing my new songs in front of a diverse crowd - the hip-hop fans appreciate my combination of hip-hop elements with bass music and everyone seems to be getting down to my new, unique sound." Staying true to his own style is far more important to Minnesota than just playing banging dubstep, keeping his fans coming back for more.

Altered States EP is out now & available for free download over at Minnesota’s official site.

Indian Summer (feat. G Jones) // download

Tokyo // download

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