Duologue, the exciting London 5-piece, are proud to announce the release of their debut album Song & Dance. Set for a 02.18 release, this group of musicians-cum-intellectuals brings you an album that’s a fusion of the best in electronica & guitar-based music, creating a truly inimitable & compelling sound of their own.

New single “Underworld” is a perfect example of what Duologue does so well. The song builds serenely - focusing almost solely on vocals - before a visceral soundscape of guitars, programmed beats, drums, & piano collide in the mix.

Song & Dance is the culmination of a year’s preparation honing & self-editing their eclectic sound & huge catalog of demos in preparation to record. Having already self-produced & released two EPs showcasing their ability to encompass a wide range of sounds, the final piece of the puzzle came with the introduction of producer Jim Abbiss (Adele, Arctic Monkeys, Ladytron). In March 2012 the band & Jim holed up in a Chatham studio & began work - with many of the parts already formed & recorded, Jim took on a co-production role, intuitively helping the band further enhance their sonic make-up. Digital synths were replaced by richer analogue gear, real strings replaced programmed ones, & the inclusion of a church organ rounded out their sound.

What Duologue created is an immersive experience - an album that can seamlessly go from the dirty bluesy guitar riff on track “Zeros, to Gift Horse” - a beautiful lullaby mixing swooning strings with electronic glitches, to the album’s lynchpin “Push It” - a hauntingly atmospheric epic centered around a four-four dance beat.

Full of skillful songwriting & a unique combination of musical genres tied together by a rich falsetto & an ever-changing backdrop of beats, synths, + strings, Song & Dance is an incredibly rare debut album from a band that deserves your time.

Photo by Meg Sharp.

Underworld (Neonfaith remix) // download

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