The guys over at Portals premiered a pretty rad remix done by Louisville’s Drury Graham, best known as Glam Shell, of the Young Pharaohs song, “One With the World”.

"Really it all started when I got into contact with Sam Martin of Young Pharaohs about doing an official PORTALswap. We brainstormed a bit but had to put the project on hold because he was busy with moving down to Austin, TX. In the meantime I mentioned to him that I was really feeling their track “One With The World” off their latest album, ‘White Shadows’, and was interested in doing a remix. I pretty much reworked it from the ground up. Gave it a fresh amped-up pace, fast, rolling hats included. I’m excited to add that Erik Kirtley, the man responsible for the art for my track “Champagne” worked his magic and did the album art for this tune as well. As for the future, keep your eyes peeled for some more remixes, along with an eventual original from the Young Pharaohs crew and myself." - Glam Chell

One With The World (Glam Shell Remix) // download

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