I’ve been listening to Joney’s latest EP Illowhead, NON-STOP. Been very impressed with his production skills & creativity that I decided to send him a Q&A session so we can get to know him a bit better. Check out his answers below & don’t forget to download the Illowhead EP for free (limited time) over at Bandcamp.

Fuck Em Up // download [email required]

01. Describe Joney in 3 words:
Respect the Unexpected

02. First record you ever bought?
I guess it was either Incubus first album “Fungus Amongus” or Deftones “Adrenaline”

03. What are the 5 most played songs in your iPod?
Wow - if there was a lifetime iPod it would probably look like this - big up for top5 lists btw. - really like hi fidelity, too
1. Incubus - Make Yourself
2. Tool - Schism
3. Mr Bungle - Retrovertigo
4. Snapcase - Caboose
5. Cannibal Ox - Pigeon

04. What posters did you have on your wall as a kid?
a really, really huge topographic map, some illustrations and prints, lateron it was deftones and lagwagon etc.

05. What’s your favorite thing you own?
damn! i guess its an old stuffed toy mouse - it smelled like smoke for almost 10 years after i found it on the street near a freshly burned down house in my street a long time ago. I was very young when i found it, but i somehow felt like having rescued it. I spent a few days at my parents place - celebrating christmas with the family - i accidently dropped a burning cigarette at my old room. it fell out of the ash tray - when i picked it up again, i saw the toy mouse right next to the buring cigarette. that was when i realized how much i still love that toy.

06. Name 3 things you need when you travel.
Clothes, Money, Pencil

07. Favorite city to play?
so far - budapest

08. Stupidest thing you’ve done in the last 12 months?
getting drunk

09. What do you fear the most?
losing my mind

10. Current obsession:
finding a balance

11.We all have a bad habit, what’s yours:
smoking :)

12. What’s next for Joney?
There´s the third saturate!records compilation to be released in january 2013 and the list of musicians, who contributed tunes is somehow my personal “best-of beat producers”. An illowhead 12” half transparent-grey Vinyl with a poster and stickers is going to be released via my favourite all independent label from my hometown hamburg: Audiolith! It´s the most friendly and conscious people who run that, it´s going to be the first cooperation between my “headquarter” saturate!records and audiolith - i´m ridiculously happy about this thing going to happen. Oh and i want to make up a live-set - using some real drums or triggered drums in 2013. And i want to sound like WaGaWaGa (insane producer)

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